Charismatic leaders. These are the dictators, demagogues and false idols who, around the world at this very moment, are stoking division and igniting war in the name of nothing but self-gain. They’re also the unmistakable target of Wheel’s new album of the same name: a seven-song prog metal opus that strives for all things right in a world gone wrong.

Since forming in 2015, Wheel have swiftly grown from underdogs of Helsinki, Finland, to an international tour de force. The angular riffs, unforgettable melodies and adventurous scope of the trio’s 2019 debut, Moving Backwards, was instantly adored by fans of megastars from Tool to Coheed & Cambria. Then, 2021 followup Resident Human received rave reviews from publications across the planet, praising its sonic evolution and bravely dystopian themes.

prog rock
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