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The King Blues, a London-born punk band formed in 2004, have left an indelible mark on the music scene with their boundary-pushing fusion of punk, ska, reggae, and hip-hop, coupled with lyrics that resonate with social consciousness. Led by the dynamic Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox, the band swiftly garnered recognition for their politically charged anthems, championing social causes and fostering unity among their followers. The band took their Blue Bloc soundsystem to many protests and have a long history of activism.

Since their inaugural album, ‘Under The Fog’ (2004), recorded in their Hackney flat in a mere five days, The King Blues have had 6 UK top 40 albums and regularly appeared on the front covers of Kerrang!, NME and Rock sound. The band regularly played sold out tours in the UK and supported punk heavyweights on the continent such as Broilers and Die Toten Hosen as well as touring Japan.

The band went on hiatus in 2012 as Itch turned his focus to a hip-hop-influenced solo career, which saw him collaborating with Rancid, Matisyahu and Dan The Automator, he released 1 album worldwide, toured the US several times and achieved a platinum record in Australia with his single “Another Man”.

The King Blues returned three years later with “Off With Their Heads” a mini album who’s lead single went viral despite being banned on iTunes and Facebook for the cover art, which depicted the severed head of the then British Prime Minister.

In 2018 The King Blues once again returned to the iTunes charts with the soundtrack to “38 Minutes” a “punk puppet opera” written by Itch based on a false missile alert sent out in Hawaii in the same year.

Now, two decades since their inception, The King Blues remain a beacon for a devoted following, celebrated for their poetic storytelling, innovative musicality, unwavering activism, and messages of hope amid adversity. The band are currently working on a new album expected for release in 2025.