Seven Impale (NOR) Progressive rock/metal

Please welcome Norway’s lords of jazz prog madness!

Since the start in 2010 when most of the members were still in high school they have
challenged even the most trained listeners with their unique compositions.

The band has released three highly praised studio albums with the debut “City of the Sun”
celebrating a full decade this year being released in 2014.
Sophomore “Contrapasso” (2016) expanded the sound into a darker and gloomy path but
without losing any colours.
“SUMMIT” captures both of the first two albums and elevates the compositions to the very
summit of their musicality. The album has been hailed by many as one of the finest releases of
the year in the world of progressive rock/metal.

Seven Impale are slowly growing into the very elite of the world prog scene. The show in Hamburg
will be their second appearance in Germany after have played Night of the Progs in 2017.

OK WAIT (D) Postrock

OK WAIT, ein Trio aus Hamburg, ist eine experimentelle Instrumentalband, die eine einzigartige
Mischung aus Musikstilen kreiert, die sich über Genregrenzen hinwegsetzt. Mit ihrem aktuellen
Album SIGNAL hebt die Band ihren Sound auf neue Höhen, indem sie Elemente
von Noise-Rock, Shoegaze, Doom und Black Metal einfließen lässt, um ein intensives und emotionales
Hörerlebnis zu schaffen.

prog rock
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
VVK: 30.00 EUR
AK: 35.00 EUR